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BT Fibre on Demand – ‘Infinity for Business’


Your broadband connection affects how you work. If it slows down – your work rate slows down.

But if you are using BT Infinity for Business Option 4 – then you are using the fastest connection yet.

Not only the download speed is super fast but also the upload speed is as well.

If your business uploads files – shares files – works in multi location or cloud environment then you will really appreciate the importance of massively increased upload speeds.

What’s the difference ?

The BT fibre network zips across the country until it hits the BT cabinets in the road. Then it divides and carries on connecting to various businesses without losing speed, But, in some cases the final hop from the cabinet to your business premises is done over old copper wire. Plus, the further away you are from the roadside cabinet the slower the connection becomes.

With BT Infinity for Business Option 4 BT will swap your copper connection for a brand new fibre optic one.

This work does involve some preparation and planning work for the BT engineers. They need to complete a site survey and then work out exactly what is needed to get your premises connected to the fibre network.

This can take some careful planning BUT the benefits of faster efficient working and outweigh any initial outlay

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  • Do More

Once connected you can complete everyday office tasks in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

  • Less time waiting

Faster speeds means you can upload, backup and send large files without having to pop out to lunch while you’re waiting.

  • Less Worry

BT Infinity for Business comes with ‘Prompt Care’ service as standard. So if something does happen BT will fix it by the end of the next working day -= Monday – Saturday – if not then you compensated for the inconvenience.

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  • Free unlimited access

You have access to over 5 million UK Wi-Fi networks. So wherever you go – you can access your files.

  • BT Tech Heads Support

Support not just for BT products and services but for any other IT related problems – printer not working,  a dead mouse etc.

  • BT Business Hub 3

Hub3 will turn your office into a wi-fi hot spot, so you can work anywhere in the office – no cables required. Your customers can also use it safely and securely . It runs on half the power of an energy efficient light bulb and will auto adjust to avoid any interference.

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