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BT Compute – IT challenges that every business needs to address


Nothing ever stays the same in IT and businesses today are under more pressure than ever before to reduce costs and provide a better Return On Investment.

Are you currently tasked with finding solutions with any of the following issues

• Reduce the cost of management of ageing and separate IT systems?
• Data security loss and IT failure ?
• Responding quickly to even greater demands from your users?
• Supporting expansion plans into new locations?
• Going greener to cut cost?

The BT Compute family covers the full range of data centre solutions no matter what size your business.  There is a large pool of design, consultation and engineering resources available on hand to recommend a solution that meets your unique needs and  helps you get better value out of your IT.

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BT compute cloud

Why  BT Compute ?


All solutions are fully underpinned by BT network services, customer service, security and expertise.

English speaking UK based experts to guide you from start to finish, to help you make sense of it all.

Flexibility is part of the design ensured to meet your individual requirements. Solutions to offer anything
from virtualisation to fully managed hosting in secure data centres.

Partnerships and accreditations including Cisco®, EMC®, HP, Microsoft®, NetApp and
VMware® this translates to ‘best of breed’ at every level.

Multi million investment in cloud services since 2009, with regular world beating awards for innovations in
products, solution and service.

What are the benefits of BT Compute


More savings. Pay as you go – only pay for what you use, your costs are aligned to your business needs, and you could reduce them by up to 40%.

More speed and agility. Dynamically create or change your service in response to new demands in seconds

Enhanced service levels. Complete end-to-end solution puts the customer experience first, emphasising service above reliance on hardware

Greater environmental efficiency. Use of virtualisation technology reduces the footprint of the data centre in terms of space required, emissions produced, and power consumed

BT Compute comes in 3 different flavours

Private Compute


  • Simplicity – network, servers,storage, security, back-up solutions and applications on one consolidated platform.
  • Flexibility – breaking down barriers between IT functions, making it faster to roll-out new services and update them automatically.
  • Lower cost – reducing complexity of your IT infrastructure can help lower total cost of ownership by up to 40%.
  • Reduce management – A managed option enables remote administration putting a team of experts at your fingertips.

Managed Compute


  • Availability – dedicated team of experts to monitor and manage your mission-critical applications, 24/7
  • Agility – easier to roll out new applications and upgrades across the entire organisation.
  • Predictability – architecture that is designed to work together, offering consistent service levels and fewer risks.
  • Environmental  – reduce your space and power footprint, without impacting your ability to grow.

Cloud Compute


  • Everything you need – tailor your cloud solutions to meet your requirements, with tools, resources and expertise available on a self service portal.
  • Faster response – create or change infrastructure faster than ever, with near instant provisioning.
  • Reassurance – physical/logical separacy is offered at all times to maintain integrity and security of your infrastructure and data.
  • Reliability – our infrastructure has been designed for maximum resilience, with a service level of 99.5% availability through self healing.
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